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If you are looking for ways to solve garage door problems and have questions, go through the following answers

  • Can the door still work with a broken spring?

    This is possible only in rare cases when the opener is powerful enough to lift the unit by itself. The movement will be extremely slow, however. If you suspect that the spring is broken, you must not operate the door either manually or with the opener as this can be extremely dangerous to both the system and the people around.

  • How does the rolling code technology work?

    As a security measure, the code of the remote and transmitter changes with every use. If the transmitter uses only one code the whole time, it becomes prone to hacking or interception. Even if the chances that they mismatch are small, make sure that the codes of the remote and transmitter are always synced.

  • Q: What should I do if the garage door opener does not work properly?

    A: Our experts at Redlands recommend checking the wall console first, then the photo eyes. They need to be adjusted or replaced if they are unaligned. If it is the case of a broken garage door spring, then contact our pros to replace it.

  • Why do components come in different sizes?

    Garage door parts are manufactured in different sizes because each garage door system is different and has other requirements. High lift systems will need much longer garage door tracks than standard ones. The height, weight and overall dimensions of your door will determine the size of the components according to our experts in Redlands.

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