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Do you know how to clean garage doors or how to inspect them? You will find the tips below extremely helpful. The following tips are more than simple garage door ideas! They are solutions to common problems

  • Never clean your wooden garage door with harsh solutions

    Wooden timbers are natural and can be severely faded or degraded if overly strong solutions are rubbed into them. Warm water mixed with mild soaps is enough to wipe down the surface of your wooden garage door. Avoid using detergents as these are usually way too powerful for the job. If it's bad for your skin, it's bad for a wooden surface.

  • Pay attention to noises

    Who said that garage door noises are usually innocent? At the very least, parts will need lubrication maintenance but that's as innocent as it gets. If the noise is not eliminated with lubricants, you must check the garage door springs, the opener as well as the tracks and their rollers. When tracks are dented, rollers become noisy.

  • Fix the damaged tracks

    Damaged garage door tracks can create significant problems to the whole system. The rollers won't be able to slide smoothly in the tracks and the door may remain open or find it impossible to reach the floor. It might get off tracks and these problems will compromise your safety.

  • Replace the old opener

    If you still own an old garage door opener manufactured prior to 1993 changes in law, you should replace them immediately. The experts of our company in Redlands say that the new opener systems are produced in accordance with the UL 325 regulations and integrate the required safety features.

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